Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Mighty Creator

Camping is wonderful but also challenging, in both physical and spiritual ways. All I can say about the former is that we were very unprepared for the temperture drop we experienced at night. =) Regarding my relationship with God I was blown away by him this weekend. One look at our gorgeous campsite hidden in the trees, surrounded by the beautiful green foliage that is the central coast, and I was in awe of Him who created it all. I was challenged though by this. I had to ask myself, why do I only praise his name when I see plants or scenery? His creation extends way past the trees, flowers, and animals we have in our world. God created us as well. This may seem obvious but he created every human being on this planet and I realized that I should be lead to praise his name when I see people too. I see Jesus in my friends and family every day but never think to give God the credit for the amazing personalities I have the privilege of knowing. I also don't treat those around me as God's creation. Our society is becoming more and more 'Eco-Friendly' every day... what about people friendly? How am I treating people; from a God centered persepective or a temporal outlook?
Another thing that really hit me this weekend was the extent of the power of God. When you are outdoors, away from the lights of SLO, the night sky is breathtaking. The inifinite amount of stars, planets and sheer space is incomprehensible and stunning. I began to think of how I relate all of this wonder to God and his authority over the universe. I was left wondering how could you explain the magnitude of what you see without worshipping the Lord? I wish everyone knew the pure joy I feel to personally know the one who created all of this. And I wish everyone could see that our world did not come from a big bang or complete chance. It was intelligently designed by a creator that is immeasurably bigger then we can imagine and who's love for us is just as big.

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