Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, February 13, 2009

Trust in the Lord

Bishop's Peak... taken from Poly Canyon... it's a little far away but still beautiful. =)
I love blossoms! God creates everything anew every year. It's such a good reminder that every day is a new day to spend with Him. =)

It is days like these that I wonder why I don’t listen to God ALL of the time. The peace that comes from God and God alone is so much greater then any of my self-guided attempts, struggles really, to map out my life. No matter what it is that I am dealing with, whenever I try to control things myself all I end up with is frustration and stress. But when I trust the Lord to guide me and protect my heart he fixes my life with grace and beauty. In hindsight I always realize this but yet every time it comes down to choosing my own path or what God wants for me I argue and complain to him about not getting my way. Yes, I do act like a spoiled kid sometimes but God always sticks with me and gently reminds me that my crazy ideas are not going to work out for my benefit in the end. His will is mighty and marvelous and has lead me to amazing places of worshipping at his feet.

I recently discovered and acquired a new song by Phil Wickham, many thanks to Mike and Jon. This song puts God where he is supposed to be, at the center of our lives. I want to be in a place that I can say that I would lay down my life just to be in God’s presence. Unfortunately this is not always true but he really is the love I need and the grace that covers my sin (and stubbornness =).

Always Forever
Phil Wickham

You are the hand that catches my fall
You are the friend that answers my call
You are my day, You are my night
You are my love and all of my life

You are the love I need
You are the air I breathe
You are my love my life always forever
I would lay down my life Just to be by Your side
You are my love my life always forever
You are the grace that covers my sin
You’re everything the beginning and end
You have my soul, my heart and my mind
You have my love and all of my life
Oh and did I mention the Lord is beautiful? One look at the beauty he creates around us everyday (in the people you see, the greenness of Spring, and the blessings in your life) and I am in awe of his love for us. The Lord is good!!!

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