Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dresses and Heels

I bought snacks for everyone during the getting ready process. We were fancy with strawberries and martinelli's. =) Aubrea provided the "Getting Ready" CD she made full of 80's and girly music. Oh and shout out to the Pottery Barn dishes my mom bought me! =)
Carly is a genius make-up artist. I love getting my makeup done since I can't do any of that myself. =)

Just a small glimpse of the stuff it takes to get ready for an event like this. =P

It's Official. Dressing up just isn't what it used to be. While I love hanging out with my girls and getting ready and all that, I think I am going to stick with my regular clothes. =) We were all so glad to be back in jeans and shirts after Night at the Oscars! It really was a fun night though with all of my buddies. =)

We had a group of about 11 that all went to dinner at CPK beforehand and that was super fun, not to mention delicioso. I wore my high, high heels for dinner and by the end of that I changed into my TOMS which were a much better option. The actual event was great! Some of the movies that people made were genius and there were some really funny ones, such as Twilight and Manly Men. (For all of you who don't know what Night at the Oscars is, it's an event where everyone dresses up like they are attending the Oscars and you watch movies made by your peers and there are awards at the end.) We took pictures, a ton of them of course, at the end and then headed home to change into comfortable clothes. We were feeling epic at this point and wanted to play games or do something exciting but we ended up just hanging out at Jon's house for a couple hours and were all in bed by 1:30pm. (This is actually early compared to all the late nights we have been having.) So once again I am back in jeans and a sweatshirt but at least I got to wear my prom dress one more time. =)

Notice the TOMS amidst all of the fancy shoes. =)

I am not sure what was going on but I was laughing about something.

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