Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Recent observations from riding:
1. SLO smells really good after it rains. It’s very refreshing.
2. My life is very fragile. I have become much more defensive in my riding since realizing this.
3. Speeding is really easy and I am getting more comfortable with my bike so I have to watch the speedometer even more.
4. It isn’t really as cold as you think it is until you get on a motorcycle. I definitely have a new appreciation for being cold and a new ability to deal with it. I’m the only one to blame if I don’t bring enough layers.
5. I also have a new appreciation for being wet. I have learned to dress for whatever the sky decides to throw my way. For example, I carried rain boots around with me all day yesterday in case it started raining. I wanted to be dry for my audition if it rained on my way back from worship practice.
6. The gas mileage I get is great! I love filling up for less then five dollars. (When I have to that is... I have to give a shout out to my Grandpa who pays for my gas every time I see him.)
7. The shorter my hair is the better the helmet hair is. If I have short curls my helmet has nothing to flatten. They can just chill out in the top of my helmet. =)
8. I wish I had more time to take longer rides. We live in such a beautiful place and I don’t get to enjoy that on my bike enough.
9. I am blessed to live in San Luis Obispo. Even driving to Rite Aid is gorgeous and the grade is beautiful! Plus there is motorcycle parking everywhere here so it’s extremely easy to get around.
10. I am blessed to have friends who worry so much about my safety on my motorcycle. =) They are a constant reminder to me to drive safe and be smart about the way I ride.
11. I love riding a motorcycle and while a car would be more convenient sometimes, I think I will always have a bike handy even when I get a car.

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