Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My Nervous Laugh. I made him pause before piercing my nose after he had already started the process. =) Good ole' Jeremiah. I was so excited i gave him a hug after. haha It was great, little me with a girly jewel in my nose hugging a huge dude with his septum pierced and his arms all tatted up.

So... we are crazy and spontaneous. =) On Thursday night, when Cassie and Sydney showed up for a visit, we were talking about nose piercings and realized that Sydney, Laura and I all wanted them. So naturally we got super excited and formed plans to aquire said holes the next day. $50 and a gazillion nervous laughs later, my face is now a jewelry store (according to Cassie's boyfriend). I am very proud of myself for not crying but I had two people I had to be brave for who went after me. We all did really well despite the fact that Laura almost cut off the circulation in my thumb from squeezing my hand so hard. =) While my nose is pretty sore today (the third day) I love it! Anyway, that's the newest additon to my life and will be probably be the last addition in this fashion.
The end result!!!

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