Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Generation

So I decided to make my own list for our generation after reading my grandma’s email:

1. YouTube didn't exist yet.
2. Disposable Cameras were cool.
3. Pop rocks were all the rage.
4. You played with Pokemon cards, tech decks, and yo yo's.
5. Facebook was only for college students.
6. Ipods didn't have color screens or pictures.
7. VHS tapes.
8. Portable CD players/ walkmans.
9. Cars with manual windows (this being your only option).
10. Recording television involved setting up a video camera in front of the TV (and by camera I mean the camera held a VHS tape).
11. Tape Decks.
12. Rocket Power and Doug.
13. Polly Pockets the size of your fingernail.
14. Car cell phones the size of your face. (for emergencies)
15. Cell Phones without camera capabilities.

If you experienced 1-5 of these things you are in middle school.
If you experienced 1-10 of these things you may have reached high school.
If you experienced 1-15 of these things you are definitely in college. =)

What "outdated" things do you remember?

A few recent additions I thought of:
TY Beanie Babies
Bop It
Skip its
Scrunchies ( with fake hair on them)
Butterfly Clips


  1. Barney, power rangers, TGIF, Goosebumps, animorphs, new kids on the block, Hansen,.... LOL

  2. Feeling nostalgic for #5.

    Get off mom!