Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, March 20, 2009


This post is a little delayed but being out of the country makes blogging a little harder. So here we go... I crashed my motorcycle. It's been a little over a week since then and my skin and foot are healing ok. But before I get into that let's explain my stupidity. =) I had just got off of work and was heading home last Thursday and I decided to go in between a car in the turn lane and a car that was trying to get in the turn lane. There was plenty of space so that wasn't the problem really... It was the pedestrian in the crosswalk. I was coming out of the turn I made in between the cars and saw the guy. I realized that if I straitened out I would hit him so I swerved and braked (without pulling in the clutch) to avoid that catastrophe. Herein lies the rub. A few things... you don't swerve when already in a swerve or turn... you don't brake without the clutch... and you look around more on a motorcycle in the first place. So yeah, I didn't hit the guy but I did slide out. After fishtailing and crashing the poor kid picked my bike up off my leg and I showed him how to put the kickstand down. I apologized, told him I was fine and said he could leave. It was super embarrassing and I didn't really want him sticking around. =) Anyway I called a few people and Caitlin showed up to take me to the health center. Then Ashlee came to take my bike to the parking lot (turns out she doesn't know how to ride clutch so that didn't work =). On top of my two friends though, all my buddies from the University Police Department (UPD) showed up too. I was so embarrassing to hear the parking officer on his radio saying "We have one of our CSO's (I work for the UPD in parking) here. She crashed her bike." This call brought Officer Reilley, the cop I talk to a lot and know pretty well, as well as two other parking officers I know and my boss (he had to ride my bike back to the structure). I convinced them a fire truck was not necessary and Ashlee and I rode in the parking buggie (the UPD golf cart) to the health center. After x-rays of my foot, some painful cleaning of scrapes (I lost a few pieces of skin on my foot and hand) and the nurses reprimanding me for being on the phone with people (word travels fast and people were calling to check on me) I left the health center with a wrap on my foot and a snazzy cane. My foot has been doing some weird popping stuff that past few days but the Australian humidity healed my skin pretty well. =) The damage on my bike was minimal. Other then a completely destroyed windshield and a few scrapes on the handlebars it is good to go. I hit my head so my helmet has some scrapes but my foot and knees got the worst of it. I definitely learned some lessons (despite what Laura thinks) through the experience that I will need to continually remind myself of. Anyway, later that night in my last final, after being driven there by Caitlin (my friends rock by the way, they helped with ice and Laura gave me a lecture =), I realized how much God had his hand in it. I could have broken my foot or really hurt someone or myself. He protected every part of the situation and he deserves all the credit. I just can't believe it took me a few hours for this to dawn on me. Overall, My foot is almost normal and my bruises and scrapes are healing nicely. =)

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