Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, March 16, 2009

Potatos, Spuds, and Tubers

Yesterday was basically insane, in both a good and bad way. My stress level yesterday was through the roof from about 3 to 6. Let me explain. I planned an event for Poly Canyon where people could come and make dinner for the homeless shelter. I went shopping with my boss and we bought enough potatoes to make twice baked potatoes for 130 homeless people. So 3:30 hits, the start time for the program, and I start cutting and mixing the insides of the potatoes (they were baked beforehand by a few different people) and start praying, literally, that people will show up. Long story short only a few people came made some potatoes and left. So I'm all by myself with a kitchen swamped with spuds and two hours to make a whole meal for people who deserve an awesome dinner. Part of the way into this Caitlin called to tell me her car would be unable to transport the food (adding to my stress level). When I explained that I was in Potato Panic mode my amazing friends rushed to my rescue and saved the day. They were phenomenal! We dominated that kitchen and pumped out enough potatoes to feed every person twice over. Cheese, milk and sour cream were flying but it was great. In other words, 130+ potatoes, five Jamba Juices (my way of thanking my friends, through food), and two trips later we had all the food at the shelter and were serving it faster then we could get everything on the plates.
The main thing that hit me was God's hand in the whole process. I had been praying the whole time for him to pull it off and it wasn't till we reached the shelter, met the amazing people we got to serve, and saw the willing hands that helped us set up that I realized God made it happen. It was so worth the stress and bustle of preparing the food to be blessed by the homeless people we met. They were so grateful for the simple things we brought them and they wanted to badly to engage us in conversation and be a part of the process. I was so blessed by my friends, the helpers at the shelter and the homeless people. He continues to amaze me every day with the hearts of people in my life. He has also been showing me how much he works in people and how we really are all made in his image. He is in every part of my life and slowly he is revealing his power in all aspects of my relationships.

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