Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, April 23, 2009


One and a half is either...
A.) A syndrome described by Wikipedia as an “unusual syndrome [where there] is limitation of horizontal eye movement to abduction of one eye with no horizontal movement of the other eye.
B.) The title of a rare CD EP released by the band Train in 1999.
C.) Or the amount of months I lasted before removing my nose ring.

I think option A is most relevant... or maybe C. Let me give some reasons for only making it a month and half before anyone judges me for it. =)

1. My parents and grandparents didn’t approve. Mostly my dad though and I really respect his opinion. It was bothering me every day that he didn’t like it and I was sick of the constant argument going on in my head of whether I should keep the nose ring or get rid of it. I figured if I got rid of it then I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. (funny side note: My dad said that if I had wanted to shock him in college I sure accomplished that by piercing my nose. That wasn't my intention but I guess I can check that off my list.)
2. I took it out to look at my face and liked my face better without it.
3. My body doesn’t react well to piercings and it kept getting infected.
4. I am applying to jobs for Summer Project and one of my potential employers said he loved Crusade Kids. Having my nose pierced doesn’t portray Crusade Kids in the way I want to and I don’t want it to limit my ministry by people judging me on first appearances.
5. I can blow my nose normally now. =P

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