Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Australia =)

Blue Mountains.

Fish and Chips!!!

Giant Fruit Bat.

Botanical Gardens.

Sydney Opera House.

The fam... matching unintentionally.

One thing I have been telling people about my spring break was that it was fun, not necessarily because Australia itself is fun but because being with my family was amazing! =) Three things we did the most: drive around (and I mean all over), watch my Dad get us lost, and ate... a lot. If you ever take a trip to Australia avoid the Vegemite but hit up the Tim Tams, Solo, and fish and chips. Since the trip was a week and was packed full of goodness I will just highlight a few adventures that really stuck out:
1. Driving 3 hours to see a quilt store. The store was super cute and worth it since we got amazing Fish and Chips in a sketchy restaurant =) and because road tripping with my family was a blast.
2. Hiking the Blue Mountains. So Gorgeous! God is so creative and I was in awe of him constantly when we were walking around the falls and trees. It was very Indiana Jones esque.
3. The different beaches walked around. They were also really beautiful and relaxing.
4. Dinner in our condo. My older sister Amanda, who we were visiting, cooked for us a lot and it was really good. Our condo was legit too. It had a living room, full kitchen and dining room and two bedrooms and bathrooms. Plus a balcony... so cool. =)
5. Meeting my sister's close friend in Australia (she is from Colorado) who's ex-boyfriend was in my WOW group. Small world? I think so.
6. Petting a Wallaby in the Zoo, seeing all of the tropical birds flying around like pigeons, and the giant fruit bats in the botanical gardens.
7. Driving on a racetrack in our rental car. So trippy! They use this really nice car race track as a road and people live off of it! Imagine having races next to your house...
Of course a lot more then just these few things happened that made the trip worth it but you can ask me about those later if you want. Overall it was great to see Amanda again and bond with the fam. Go Johnson Family! =)

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