Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kids Stuff

Now before you judge the picture hear me out. =) This is Cowie, beloved childhood companion and a close connection to home. You might be thinking... she is in college and still sleeping with a stuffed animal? The answer is no, he tends to just sit on my shelf. But after being with me every night for 17 years of my life Cowie could not be easily tossed aside. So I snuck him to school both last year and this year. My mom wanted to prevent this but a hug from this ridiculous cow makes me less homesick sometimes and he's worth it. =p

Anyway, this is not the point of me sharing all this with you. I pretty much just wanted to wonder aloud... Why do we attach ourselves to things like this? Whether you had a dog named fluffy or a blanket which you creatively named blankie, most kids have something of this sort. For my older sister it was a ballerina bear named Isabelle and my little sister has a blanket that we all used but only she attached to. My friends and I were talking about this the other day and I don't have an explanation for you but I think it's important. Having something that doesn't judge us and loves us unconditionally (I used to throw Cowie across the room when I got mad at my parents and he still 'loves' me), something we can take everywhere and talk about anything to and something we can attribute any personality we desire to and something we can keep long term is a big deal as a kid. Eventually we are able to fall asleep without such a companion near us but they still hold a special place in our lives. People start to take on all of these roles as we get older and I think things like Cowie are good transitions into this. I now talk to my friends and sisters about everything and enjoy dealing with the multifaceted personalities of people much more then the one dimensional personality that I created for my cow. I also realize more now that even though people (including myself) do not love unconditionally, God does. As I have gotten older (because we all know I am super old =p) I realize more that I can have a deep personal relationship with God that satisfies and does not disappoint. Sorry Cowie you have been replaced by something that is infinitely better. Done rambling.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crafting...How I Love Thee

I have had an unheard of amount of time to be creative lately and it is so refreshing! Spending time on things that I truly want to spend time on (sorry group projects, you still have a special place in my heart) is very cathartic. So I thought I would share some of my latest projects with you.
The first canvas is an idea that I have had for a while in order to use some of my old guitar strings (my mom knows that I never throw 'cool' stuff like that away =). I also love buttons and had a lot of cloth buttons in my collection. Some of the them are vintage buttons and others are from sweaters I have. I cut the hole out of the middle as an afterthought. Funny how projects evolve like that as you implement your ideas.

This next one is actually my first pair of TOMS. Turns out burlap doesn't hold together all that great when you wear it on your feet everyday. I love these shoes though so I thought I would embellish them and in turn keep them intact. So I embroidered them! I need to add more green but for now this is the almost finished product. =)

My most recent project, I finished yesterday. I got this idea for offset flowers on a canvas in church one sunday, go figure. I painted the canvas twice and this was my second idea after the first one failed (I added yellow paint without paying attention). The flowers are three different fabrics I fused onto interfacing to prevent fraying and make them more stiff. The pattern for the flowers came from Amy Butler and the button are actually corduroy button brads that I bought a while ago just because I loved them. Now three of them have a purpose. =) I also used embroidery floss to attached ribbons for the stems.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My ABC's

Found this one on facebook too. =)

A - Age: 20
B - Bed size: x-long twin
C - Chore you hate: putting away laundry
D - Dog's name: Kody (Kodiak Bear)
E - Essential start to your day item: cereal!!! (kids sugary cereal)
F - Favorite color: orange
G - Gold or Silver: silver
H - Height: 5'2 1/2" on a good day
I - Instruments you play: Guitar, Voice, some piano
J - Job title: Community Service Officer and Community Advisor
K - Kid(s): Ziltch
L - Living arrangements: apartment
M - Mom's name: Sheryl... to me? Mom
N - Nicknames: Stephbo, Yoda, Steppo, Stephanotis, Stephanizzle
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: no overnight stays...
P - Pet Peeves: letting the water run when brushing teeth, washing dishes, etc.
Q- Quote from a movie: "Nonsense... you only say never because nobody ever has!"
R - Right or left handed: leftie all the way...
S - Siblings: Dos! Mi Hermanas son muy bueno.
T - Time you wake up: anywhere from 6:30 to 9am
U- Underwear: please
V - Vegetable you dislike: eggplant
W - Why you run late: I tend to be on time.
X - X-rays you've had: teeth and then my ankle and foot after crashing my motorcycle
Y - Yummy food you make: Epic Grilled Cheese
Z - Zoo favorite: I have to pick? ok... manta rays =) I am thinking So Cal zoo animals.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wildflower Adventures

So Wildflower (the country's second largest triathalon) occurred a week ago at Lake San Antonio and we were asked to do worship Sunday morning. So the guys and I (and Jo, it was so good to have another girl there) packed up our musical gear and headed up the freeway, feeling sort of prepared for our hour long set. The music was fun as usual and took the majority of the time we spent there but we had a few other adventures mixed in.
1. The exit we were supposed to take didn't exist. We later found out that the exit has three names, none of which were on our directions. So after going an hour out of our way we got off the freeway and somehow made it to the lake.
2. Adam, Brian and I had an interesting time setting up the girls tent... weirdest tent poles I have ever seen (beside those external frame tents).
3. Adam was super chivalrous and gave Jo and I his camping mattress and he took my small blue foam pad instead. So nice of him! We argued with the guys for a while about being fine without a pad but in the end we slept pretty darn well on Adam's mattress.
4. The next day (after playing) we needed to leave by 12 and were craving In-n-Out like crazy. Unfortunately we didn't think this through and discovered we were not allowed to leave until 3, after the race was over. This lead to us driving our cars (a Volvo station wagon included) up a steep dirt footpath to the visitor center lawn. We preceded to drive around the Visitor Center on the grass and ended up in the upper parking lot where we were told we couldn't park our cars. We were also told we couldn't get out from that lot either because of the race. But by that time a golf cart had blocked our exit back down the footpath. So we were stranded up top with no options. After 2 hours of waiting (we walked back down and got lunch in this time) Adam and Brian decided to act like they knew what they were doing and drive up to the race line to get out. The guy totally let them through! So we raced back to our cars and drove through as well at around 2pm. That's right! One hour early! haha Not too much earlier then we would have gotton out but it was still an epic escape and my milkshake at In-n-Out never tasted better.
Here's another interesting part of the weekend...
Jo's car picked up a tattoo at Costco when we weren't looking. =)

The Country

Yesterday pretty much got me pumped for the rest of the week. I got home from meeting with a project group and the weather was perfect for a day outside. So I called Ryan and left a voicemail telling him that we had to go for a motorcycle ride. Then I grudgingly went inside to go clean my room. Luckily he called back within 15 minutes saying he was down for a ride. So with my dad's recommendation for a road in mind we headed out for Old Creek Road in Cayucos. It was so nice to be able to take the afternoon and spend it on the road. On top of just riding, where we went was absolutely amazing. I really can't describe how awestruck I was by the area we live in. I think I even squealed a few times out of sheer delight. And I basically smiled the whole time. God proved his majesty to me yesterday for two solid hours.
At one point we turned a corner and the hills opened up (see top picture) on one side and on our right there was a whole hill of flowers. Wildflowers in pink, purple, red, orange, and blue. It was fantastic! Since I was leading I pulled over in a driveway (which was quite conveniently placed) and we got off and walked around a little bit. Sadly I can't take pictures while riding so all of the gorgeous sections of the ride, through the trees and over the rolling hills, is lost to my memory alone but I recommend the drive even for people in a car. My dad of course does it on his bicycle but we can't all be that hardcore. =) We were going to head home on the 46 but instead we got lured in by the sketchy windey road we saw across the freeway. So we took the unnamed road, leading who knows where, and ended up in Cambria where we just took the freeway home. (This second part of the road is where the pictures come from.) Quick explanation: The sketchiness came from the fact that this road is basically big enough for one lane but is in reality a two lane road with a ton of blind turns. People in cars, unaware that they are being dangerous, drive in the middle of this tiny bumby road. So we took a lot of slow tight turns to avoid being run off the road. There were no close calls though and those kinds of turns are super fun anyway. Plus there were enough open turns that we could take at a faster speed and really lean into to make up for the slow ones. Overall, it was fantastic and God is fantastic and my bike did great! I was proud. =)

My artistic attempt at taking a picture of our bikes... eh.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The 5th of May

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!! Now go eat some mexican food...


So I am already planning my schedule for next year and trying to get a handle on my time commitments. I have been asked to join the process to become a small group Bible study leader through Campus Crusade and I have been getting really stoked about being able to lead. But then the logical half of my brain kicks in and says, "Another time commitment?! Are you insane!?"
My mom and I sat down at one point at the the beginning of this year and figured out how many hours I have extra in my schedule. Our calculations were as follows (per week):
* 10 hours - Crusade Worship
* 9 hours - Other church stuff (B-stud, Discipleship, Grace, The Rain, etc.)
* 12 hours - My RA job (on a basic, super easy week)
* 12 hours - My other job
* 16 hours - School (16 units)
* 56 hours - Sleeping (an average 8 hour night... seems like a waste but DP only gets me so far)

Total: 115 hours/168 hours in a week (including weekends)
This leaves 53 hours for eating, homework, piano lessons, and having friends. So now to add in leading a Bible Study.

This is a 10 hour commitment without anything extra. This includes things like leading the study, weekly training, prep time, etc. But planning outside hang outs, being in the dorm, reaching out to the new freshman and investing time into the girls in the study is a whole different story. And I don't even know if all of these hours will work out in a way that everything fits in.
Anyway, those are my random thoughts for the day. Of course I have a ton more pros and cons to this whole venture but this is the time commitment aspect of being a leader. Ideas are welcome. =)