Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Country

Yesterday pretty much got me pumped for the rest of the week. I got home from meeting with a project group and the weather was perfect for a day outside. So I called Ryan and left a voicemail telling him that we had to go for a motorcycle ride. Then I grudgingly went inside to go clean my room. Luckily he called back within 15 minutes saying he was down for a ride. So with my dad's recommendation for a road in mind we headed out for Old Creek Road in Cayucos. It was so nice to be able to take the afternoon and spend it on the road. On top of just riding, where we went was absolutely amazing. I really can't describe how awestruck I was by the area we live in. I think I even squealed a few times out of sheer delight. And I basically smiled the whole time. God proved his majesty to me yesterday for two solid hours.
At one point we turned a corner and the hills opened up (see top picture) on one side and on our right there was a whole hill of flowers. Wildflowers in pink, purple, red, orange, and blue. It was fantastic! Since I was leading I pulled over in a driveway (which was quite conveniently placed) and we got off and walked around a little bit. Sadly I can't take pictures while riding so all of the gorgeous sections of the ride, through the trees and over the rolling hills, is lost to my memory alone but I recommend the drive even for people in a car. My dad of course does it on his bicycle but we can't all be that hardcore. =) We were going to head home on the 46 but instead we got lured in by the sketchy windey road we saw across the freeway. So we took the unnamed road, leading who knows where, and ended up in Cambria where we just took the freeway home. (This second part of the road is where the pictures come from.) Quick explanation: The sketchiness came from the fact that this road is basically big enough for one lane but is in reality a two lane road with a ton of blind turns. People in cars, unaware that they are being dangerous, drive in the middle of this tiny bumby road. So we took a lot of slow tight turns to avoid being run off the road. There were no close calls though and those kinds of turns are super fun anyway. Plus there were enough open turns that we could take at a faster speed and really lean into to make up for the slow ones. Overall, it was fantastic and God is fantastic and my bike did great! I was proud. =)

My artistic attempt at taking a picture of our bikes... eh.

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