Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I am already planning my schedule for next year and trying to get a handle on my time commitments. I have been asked to join the process to become a small group Bible study leader through Campus Crusade and I have been getting really stoked about being able to lead. But then the logical half of my brain kicks in and says, "Another time commitment?! Are you insane!?"
My mom and I sat down at one point at the the beginning of this year and figured out how many hours I have extra in my schedule. Our calculations were as follows (per week):
* 10 hours - Crusade Worship
* 9 hours - Other church stuff (B-stud, Discipleship, Grace, The Rain, etc.)
* 12 hours - My RA job (on a basic, super easy week)
* 12 hours - My other job
* 16 hours - School (16 units)
* 56 hours - Sleeping (an average 8 hour night... seems like a waste but DP only gets me so far)

Total: 115 hours/168 hours in a week (including weekends)
This leaves 53 hours for eating, homework, piano lessons, and having friends. So now to add in leading a Bible Study.

This is a 10 hour commitment without anything extra. This includes things like leading the study, weekly training, prep time, etc. But planning outside hang outs, being in the dorm, reaching out to the new freshman and investing time into the girls in the study is a whole different story. And I don't even know if all of these hours will work out in a way that everything fits in.
Anyway, those are my random thoughts for the day. Of course I have a ton more pros and cons to this whole venture but this is the time commitment aspect of being a leader. Ideas are welcome. =)

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  1. Thanks Steph much easier for me to read. Wow you are really busy but it seems like everything has a great purpose. I am sure if you commit to it there will be enough time. Sleep less.