Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wildflower Adventures

So Wildflower (the country's second largest triathalon) occurred a week ago at Lake San Antonio and we were asked to do worship Sunday morning. So the guys and I (and Jo, it was so good to have another girl there) packed up our musical gear and headed up the freeway, feeling sort of prepared for our hour long set. The music was fun as usual and took the majority of the time we spent there but we had a few other adventures mixed in.
1. The exit we were supposed to take didn't exist. We later found out that the exit has three names, none of which were on our directions. So after going an hour out of our way we got off the freeway and somehow made it to the lake.
2. Adam, Brian and I had an interesting time setting up the girls tent... weirdest tent poles I have ever seen (beside those external frame tents).
3. Adam was super chivalrous and gave Jo and I his camping mattress and he took my small blue foam pad instead. So nice of him! We argued with the guys for a while about being fine without a pad but in the end we slept pretty darn well on Adam's mattress.
4. The next day (after playing) we needed to leave by 12 and were craving In-n-Out like crazy. Unfortunately we didn't think this through and discovered we were not allowed to leave until 3, after the race was over. This lead to us driving our cars (a Volvo station wagon included) up a steep dirt footpath to the visitor center lawn. We preceded to drive around the Visitor Center on the grass and ended up in the upper parking lot where we were told we couldn't park our cars. We were also told we couldn't get out from that lot either because of the race. But by that time a golf cart had blocked our exit back down the footpath. So we were stranded up top with no options. After 2 hours of waiting (we walked back down and got lunch in this time) Adam and Brian decided to act like they knew what they were doing and drive up to the race line to get out. The guy totally let them through! So we raced back to our cars and drove through as well at around 2pm. That's right! One hour early! haha Not too much earlier then we would have gotton out but it was still an epic escape and my milkshake at In-n-Out never tasted better.
Here's another interesting part of the weekend...
Jo's car picked up a tattoo at Costco when we weren't looking. =)

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