Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fallen Leaf

So I have now worked three full days (another one tomorrow) at my summer job at Fallen Leaf Lake. Fallen Leaf is a little lake off to the side of Lake Tahoe and on my motorcycle it is about 20 minutes away from our camp. It is gorgeous and I love working there, especially because I already feel like I'm part of a small family. My mom laughed when I told her what my job actually is though... I am basically a short order cook in a kitchen. My kitchen. =) I operated it all by myself for most of the day today which was so fun. A few things I have learned in the three days I have worked so far:
1. How to make over easy eggs by flipping them in a pan. Pancakes here I come! I admit it was nerve-wracking to flip food over an open flame but I feel better about it now.
2. How to use a meat slicer to cut veggies and of course huge slabs of meat (which God thankfully is preventing me from feeling sick over).
3. How to grill an epic burger.
4. How to deal with a hot vat of fries and chicken tenders popping at me and things sizzling on the flat top grill without getting too burned.
5. Basically how to cook. I am really excited to have new cooking skills... who knows when this will come in handy! =)

Anyway, this is my view from the kitchen. I get to make the food as the orders come in then set them on the window and yell "Bill (or whatever the name is) your order’s up!" You can only imagine how my loud voice carries nicely around to the front of the store. Haha =) So in conclusion, I love my job and Fallen Leaf Lake. The days are long and tiring but after getting home and getting the fry/disinfectant smells (I also clean the bathrooms and mop at the end of the day) off of me I feel accomplished. I hope that I can have the courage to talk to my co-workers about my relationship with Christ though. I am there to serve them and show them how God has moved in my life. I am definitely praying for boldness in bringing up spiritual conversations with them. If you are in Tahoe come visit me! I will whip you up a mean breakfast burrito. =)


  1. Stephanie, we are so proud of you and cannot wait for you to cook dinner for us. Mom

  2. This sounds amazing Steph! I am very impressed my your new cooking skills -- I wish I was going to be your roommate next year!

  3. breakfast in bed next year?? haha jk. i am learning to cook this summer too, just probably not as epicly (is that even a word?) as you. :)