Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer is Beginning

Well it is finally summer and I am off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow for summer project! This summer is going to be so different then last summer when I didn't have very much planned. I only had about four weeks of planned events including a trip to San Francisco and Oakdale to visit my friends, a trip to Haiti and the annual water ski trip with church. This summer I only have about ten free days at home. I am so excited to have summer plans this year but at the same time I get frustrated when opportunities come up that I cannot seize because I am already booked. One thing God showed me with this however is that He has me where He wants me. I may think I am missing out on cool things but He has plans for my summer that are going to bring me closer to Him and help me grow in the best ways. I just need to be content where He places me and enjoy the ride! =)

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