Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Second Homes

So I decided to bike through the neighborhoods around our camp and I discovered that there are perfect houses for my girls. In other words when we get older and rich we will buy these houses as our vacation homes and we will all come here in the summer with our families. So being the creeper that I am I took pictures of all of these houses. They are in this order:
1. Amy - It is girly and beautiful but not overdone and it looks really nice. =)
Anyway, done being random. =)
2. Bailey - It is so classic.
3. Caitlin - The yellow flowers are gorgeous and the house is so cute and quaint!
4. Laura - It is a really pretty teal color (the purple house I saw was run down).

I forgot my house.. the wrap around porch, shade trees and garden got me:

Update on Work

So the novelty of being a short order cook is wearing off and becoming more stressful as the busy season picks up. I still love the fact that nothing is ever the same about my 8 and a half hour days but cooking tons of hamburgers and hot sandwiches while making a number of cold sandwiches and intensely detailed salads can be challenging. I am learning to rely on God in those times though and also to be less independent in the kitchen and let the other people help out. Without the other cook I would not be able to get the orders out with my brain still functioning. But despite the stress I love my co-workers and have been able to have some spiritual conversations with them. I still want to go deeper with those conversations but I know where a lot of them stand now which is cool. Here are some more pictures of my kitchen including my co-worker Travis and the rest of the store: