Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Second Homes

So I decided to bike through the neighborhoods around our camp and I discovered that there are perfect houses for my girls. In other words when we get older and rich we will buy these houses as our vacation homes and we will all come here in the summer with our families. So being the creeper that I am I took pictures of all of these houses. They are in this order:
1. Amy - It is girly and beautiful but not overdone and it looks really nice. =)
Anyway, done being random. =)
2. Bailey - It is so classic.
3. Caitlin - The yellow flowers are gorgeous and the house is so cute and quaint!
4. Laura - It is a really pretty teal color (the purple house I saw was run down).

I forgot my house.. the wrap around porch, shade trees and garden got me:


  1. Stephanie, Which one are you going to live in or are you just going to be a mooch? Mom

  2. hmmm you know I have been pretty good mooch in the past but I forgot to add my house... I wasn't incredibly fond of any particular one but there was a log cabin with a garden and wrap around porch that I could live in =) i'll put it up...

  3. yay! I will echo bailey and say I love mine as well.