Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Things to do in Tahoe

Apart from amazing spiritual growth and a lot of sweet bible studies we had free time in which we were able to explore Tahoe and the surrounding areas. I was able to experience some pretty fun things so here is a list.. since I love those so much. =)

1. Angora and Rock Jumping - I jumped off of the 40ft rock and that was it. After fourty five minutes that was all I got up the guts to do. The guys I went with were very supportive and talked me through it but I only jumped when one person was left watching and no one else was there to see it. =) I was a chicken.

2. Zephyr Cove - This is a christian conference center with a sweet dock we could jump off of. The dock was probably 10 feet or so out of the water but made for a really fun day (we did this a few different days). One thing I learned from this is that gainers are scary and I do not approve... also that I am ok with this making me more mom like.

3. San Francisco - This trip was completely different then the last time I went to city. I was with four other people and we did some touristy things but my favorite parts of the day were driving to the coast (where we jumped off of sand dunes and I found tons of sand dollars), the restaurant we ate at which turned out to be sort of a gay bar (the southern guys I was with were very freaked out), and the Giants game we went to that night. All 35+ of us met up for the game and it was awesome despite the fact that the Giants played horribly and I watched a total of 10 minutes of the game.

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