Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Important Stuff

Towards the end of Project I went on a date with Jesus for five hours. I made a list (naturally =) of what God had taught me during the summer and what I was going to take away from the experience. I think it would sum up my trip a little better to just type out this list. So what did I get from project?:
*the realization that I have a warped view of myself as a daughter of the king (ask me about it!)
*I am complacent in my life. (school, my walk with the Lord, etc.)
*sharing God's love with people is just that, loving... it is an open honest experience that should not be pushy or scary
*being quiet and humble before the Lord is vital to my walk
*discipline in my quiet times is not a bad thing but rather is a important factor
*His love never fails and His plan is unparalleled
*Satan lies to me a lot and I buy into them easily (this prevents me from investing in people and in the Lord, it also prevents them from investing in me)
*the cross should leave me in a place of brokenness and pure joy
*Patience, Trust and Obedience
*God chases after people hardcore.

God is good! His creation is beautiful!

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