Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random? Yes.

I forgot I wrote this and I have no idea why I even wrote it but in the spirit of being random here it is. (because of the small column the lines are all off so I put dashes between the lines)

There are entirely too many raisins in my cereal this morning --
and I wonder, why even create raisins? --
Why ruin a perfectly good grape? --
The poor grapes never had a chance. --
It is necessary that all semblance of the grape --
disappear for the raisin to be formed and made re-edible? --
It’s just sad --
that the juice and crunch must be eradicated --
leaving you with a shriveled waste of a formerly wonderful thing. --
Raisins don’t refresh you when it is hot outside. --
They don’t leave you feeling satisfied. --
They are just dried remnants of what they should be, --
not living up to their full potential. --
Their true purpose is never realized. --
I ponder these things as I devour my raisin bran before the flakes get soggy. --
There were entirely too many raisins in my cereal this morning. --

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  1. Aww!! I miss my weird, wonderful friend with the great hair!