Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, August 15, 2009


One of the things I wanted to grow in this summer is sharing my faith with strangers and random people I run into. This is also the thing I was most scared to grow comfortable in (because then I would have to talk to people). I dreaded sharing with people and I was not looking forward to spending four hours every Sunday going out and doing just that. But God changed my heart towards sharing and I am so grateful. I love talking to people now and while it still takes boldness and motivation to go out and talk to people I don't dread it at all anymore. I have a heart for the lost in a way that makes me excited to share with them what God has done in my life and how his love and grace has transformed who I am. One conversation that I will always remember was on the beach with Andree. She was so open and was actually excited to hear what we had to say. She had been observing one of her friends who is a Christian and had seen how God had comforted her and given her hope. it was obvious that God was chasing after Andree and was trying to get her attention. We shared our stories and a booklet called "Would You Like to Know God Personally?" (aka the KGP) Cheezy title, I know, but it presents the gospel really clearly. She was excited to hear the gospel and when we thanked her for talking to us and being so open about her views (she believed in love and peace but was trying to find it in nature and the world instead of in the creator of our world) she was really grateful that we talked to her. She did not accept the Lord there but the seed that was planted was so encouraging. It made me excited to see that people are hungry for truth and for God. He is so real and so blatantly chases people sometimes. He so deeply desires a personal relationship with each of us, its incredible.

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