Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today I spoke to my friend from home who is a freshman in college this year. While she has been a school for few months she doesn’t have very many friends and none of them are Christians. It has been really discouraging for her to feel so disconnected from the environment at Humboldt (which is very hippie oriented) and to not have a Christian community to be a part of. Talking to her once again reminded me of the importance of fellowship and having a solid group of friends that you can talk to about anything. My heart broke for her because I don't know where I would be without the friends I have at school. God truly blessed me by practically putting Christian friends on my doorstep. Let me explain... all of the parents had left and my roommate Ashlee (who was a huge blessing since I knew her from home) and I were sitting in our room wondering what we had gotten ourselves into when two sweet girls came by and asked us to dinner. We jumped at the chance to walk to Pepe Delgado's (a favorite of mine to this day) with the group they had gotten together. Little did I know that those two girls would be two of my closest friends years later. I can never thank Caitlin and Bailey enough for going out of their comfort zones to seek me out for my first meal alone at college. And I can never thank God enough for leading them to my door and for expanding my group of friends to encompass so many other precious people!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Revelation of the day: Laughing is not as fun when you don't have anyone to laugh with. I just found myself laughing about Bailey's blog and wishing Laura was home. It is so much better to laugh with someone, it would have lasted longer and I wouldn't feel so weird... come home Laura!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

After Our Yaught Caught on Fire

You know you watch too many survival shows when... are in class explaining to your small group the pros and cons of keeping certain items from a fictional list in order to survive the longest on a raft, a thousand miles from land. For instance, we had to rate fifteen items in order of importance for survival and one of those items was 20 square feet of opaque tarp. Useful? They said no. I argued that with only 5 gallons of water for our whole crew it was crucial to have tarp. I went on to explain how to construct a water purifier from this by making a cone (or two, there was a lot of tarp) and placing a bucket of salt water underneath. The sun would then evaporate the water, leaving you with salt in the center and fresh water condensing on the inside of the cone. The water would then run off into the folded edges of the tarp and pool there for drinking. How do I know this? No clue. Dorky? Maybe.
I also had to explain how it was illogical to bring the map with us without the sexton. No one knew what a sexton was in any of the groups around me, which made me feel way over-prepared for class and for living on land. So we put the sexton as number six in importance and the map as seven. We naturally needed to know where we were in the ocean before we could use the map.
Needless to say, I felt very prepared to marry my future husband, Bear Grylls.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Started

School has officially begun as of yesterday and so have all of my responsibilities. Laura is feeling the pressure too and we were both completely drained and stressed last night. But I think we both realized something through out the day... God is bigger!!! He is so much bigger and mightier then our schedules, our worries, our stresses. Not to say he is so big that he has no interest in our lives but rather that he wants to be a part of our schedules. He desires for us to place everything in his hands and just trust him. Maybe I have things in my life that are not the best for me right now. Maybe I need to streamline my responsibilities to be more effective in everything else. Maybe I just need to breath and thank God for the blessings in my day. No matter what it is, I don't need to worry. I just need to seek God's will for my life and be willing to say no or get rid of some things in my life. Once again the perfect example, Jesus handled the same problems with a full schedule of crowds following him everywhere, wanting to pour into his disciples, healing people, spending alone time with his Father, and having to rely on the Holy Spirit through it all. He is the perfect example of balancing life with God at the center! (Mark 3:7-12)

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Art

I have had the time to create things this week and it has been a blast. I have so many ideas in my head that I just need to get out. So now my head is a little less full but still swimming with ideas. These art projects tend to change from my original thoughts as I create them but these all came out pretty close to what I had envisioned.

This one is a canvas. After painting it I used a sharpie to write the verse and the heart. The burlap is an old coffee bean bag from the local coffee factory in SLO and the candle is from summer project. The wooden cross was something I found freshman year during a community service project with Crusade. It was laying on the ground after we cut some vines down at an retirement home and was so perfect!

These are wooden letters I bought last year but never decorated. I covered them with paper and boy was that a tedious task! Then I just went through my craft supplies and decorated them with things I already had. Buttons, ribbons, and little nick knacks are very prevalent in my craft bin. I used nails to attach the ribbons on the front (after nailing them in I bent the nails against the back of the letters) and push pins for the hanging ribbons. Mod Podge and tacky glue were my best friends for this.

This last one was easy. My mom gave me this shadow box from Ikea last year and I began collecting. It is basically my sophomore year of college in a box. I wish I had one for every year but I think all my freshman stuff is gone. This box has things such as a kangaroo key chain from Australia, a failed toothbrush bracelet, my Adviser badge, my nose ring, a dried rose from my guy friends, a sushi eraser from my kindred spirit and my friendship bracelet with Laura (along with some other things).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bible Studies

I thought about it and I realized that I am in a bible study or church service almost every day of the week. It gets old sometimes but for the most part I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. And now, I am adding a new one! The Lord laid it on my heart to start a bible study for the Resident Advisors in my area and on my staff and I am so excited to lead a group of my peers and coworkers. It is going to be a study centered around prayer and talking about how to serve the Lord in our jobs. I have had a lot of excitement from people who both believe in the Lord and don't even remotely have a relationship with God. This makes me nervous but even more excited to be used by God. I do need prayer though and that's why I'm bringing this up. David (the guy I asked to lead with me) and I would appreciate prayer over us and the people who join the study whenever it comes to mind. It needs to be the Lord's bible study not David's study or Stephanie's study and prayer would be awesome for the Lord's guidance and hand in it. I will definitely keep you posted on what happens too! =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Near Sinking Experience

So our little unit (Dad, Amanda, Kimberly, Me, Paige (Kimbo's friend), Laura, and Danny) decided to visit the fam in Boulder City a couple weeks ago. Normal summer routine for us but our first lake day was not so normal. We got on the lake in the morning accompanied by some wind and not so nice looking clouds. No big deal right? It was still warm and by the wall the water was for the most part glassy. So we boarded and tubed and had a grand ole time. After leaving Danny's boat in my Aunt's slip we decided to boat across the lake to park in a cove, eat lunch and snorkel. It was pretty much uneventful apart from the huge random wave that completely enveloped our boat and left us drenched and the Bimini dripping more water on us. We all laughed till our sides hurt and talked about it in extensive detail for the next hour. Snorkeling only revealed a handful of fish and reminded me that I really want my scuba diving license. After a while we needed to head back, despite the fact that the wind had majorly picked up.

Take one: We almost got swamped and the bilge pump was not working well enough. So we were bailing water with buckets and towels and basically all wondering how we had gotten into this mess. So we turned back to the cove to figure out a plan. A guy in a fountain boat (see picture of one below, this visual will be handy later) offered to take some people back to make the boat lighter but we declined and my uncle went for try two. Quick side note: the lake consisted of 8 foot swells at this point.

Take Two: We got about two miles out into the middle of the lake this time. But that does not mean it was any easier. We went about 3 miles an hour if that and we were bailing water and shoving it towards the back water pump the whole time. These small two miles took us a few hours with the waves crashing over and into the boat the whole time. I think I was mostly laughing to myself and holding Laura's arm during this whole process because well, there was nothing else to do. It was so ridiculous; we all had life jackets on, my dad was cracking jokes the whole time, we were absolutely freezing, and Amanda had her huge expensive Cannon on the water logged boat as well as every electronic device I own minus my laptop. My cousin was making comments like, "Mom, why do you always put me in dangerous situations?" and saying the S word every few minutes. My aunt was falling all over the place trying to keep the water out of the boat and at one point my dad was in the front of the boat (it is a flat bottom boat) trying to fend off the waves with a plastic tub. Plus Kimberly and her friend were using towels to sop water out of the bottom (we were a few feet deep with water at some points). So with all of these crazy people fending off the lake we thought we would eventually make it to the dock. Wrong. Right when we had got into the groove of things the engine stopped. So instead of everyone piling in the back to put weight in the back of the boat they send us all into the front. Low and behold the engine was flooded in two feet of water and we are stranded. Even combining all of my Dad, Danny and my Uncle Greg's knowledge of boats we were still stuck.
So I started a prayer circle with Laura, Paige and Kimberly. It was all we could do to help the situation and really the only thing we needed. God was in control. When we stopped praying, we prayed some more. And then when we ended the second time... help came! The fountain boat guy, being in such a large speed boat, was cutting through the waves easy peasy (you can see how eight foot waves would not bother a boat like the one above). So he unhooked his jet skies, sent them off with two of his friends, and then hooked our boat up and drove us home. WE made it to dock with our broken boat a little while later and let me tell you. Land, a shower, and warm food never tasted so good. =) The boat is a few hundred to fix but we are all safe and have a sweet story to tell of God providing in a storm. He likes to work that way a lot I am thinking. =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fickle Things

Tans are so temporary and fickle. I spent all summer in Tahoe and then a whole weekend at the lake resulting in a decent and hard-earned tan. Then after one week inside for RA training and my tan lines are becoming less distinct, leaning towards non-existent. So my whiteness once more prevails and I am preparing to be stuck inside a lot more as school starts in two weeks. Goodbye summer!