Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Art

I have had the time to create things this week and it has been a blast. I have so many ideas in my head that I just need to get out. So now my head is a little less full but still swimming with ideas. These art projects tend to change from my original thoughts as I create them but these all came out pretty close to what I had envisioned.

This one is a canvas. After painting it I used a sharpie to write the verse and the heart. The burlap is an old coffee bean bag from the local coffee factory in SLO and the candle is from summer project. The wooden cross was something I found freshman year during a community service project with Crusade. It was laying on the ground after we cut some vines down at an retirement home and was so perfect!

These are wooden letters I bought last year but never decorated. I covered them with paper and boy was that a tedious task! Then I just went through my craft supplies and decorated them with things I already had. Buttons, ribbons, and little nick knacks are very prevalent in my craft bin. I used nails to attach the ribbons on the front (after nailing them in I bent the nails against the back of the letters) and push pins for the hanging ribbons. Mod Podge and tacky glue were my best friends for this.

This last one was easy. My mom gave me this shadow box from Ikea last year and I began collecting. It is basically my sophomore year of college in a box. I wish I had one for every year but I think all my freshman stuff is gone. This box has things such as a kangaroo key chain from Australia, a failed toothbrush bracelet, my Adviser badge, my nose ring, a dried rose from my guy friends, a sushi eraser from my kindred spirit and my friendship bracelet with Laura (along with some other things).


  1. so cute! I especially love the second one. I forget- who gave you the sushi eraser? I love it.