Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, October 2, 2009


The term "care package" fails to fully describe the experience of getting a present in the mail (snail mail needs to be revived). All it takes is one email from the post office stating that I have a package waiting for me (when I wasn't expecting one) to make a full day of school and work worth it. I get really excited not knowing why I have a package and also impatient as I wait for a break in my day when I can run in and tell them my number to receive the overflowing envelope. Not to mention the joy of seeing it is from my Aunt Peggy who always includes fun school supplies, some form of chocolate, a decoration for the season, and something unexpected in every envelope. Last night I got one of these priceless emails and all day at work today I couldn't wait to get home and pick it up. I am officially renaming these so called care packages, warm and fuzzy packages. It's the only way to describe them. Today I got more of my favorite pens (I don't think my aunt knows I got hooked on them the last time she sent them to me) in all sorts of colors, lots of Ghirardelli chocolate that I shared with my friends and really cute paper. Despite the pens being a huge highlight my Aunt sent a bag full of buttons! (more on buttons later, they deserve their own blog post) In other words... I love packages and letters and anything in the mail and today was a better day because of it. =)

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