Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Day in the Life

Caitlin and Bailey's lives are a little more exciting then mine (seeing how they are in Scotland and Ireland) but let's just say I felt inspired by them. I am even beating Caitlin to her own idea. =) But here goes, a day (more like a week) in the life of a SLO college student (at least this Cal Poly Student)...

Monday, Wednesday
*Wake up at 10
*Homework and CA paperwork
*Class for 6 hours
*Worship practice (6-9:30) or my staff meeting (9-11)
*Homework, Late Dinner, Catching up with my roommate Laura
*Sleep! (hopefully enough to get up at 6 for work)

Tuesday, Thursday
*Work @6:45am
*Work for 7 hours
*Class for two hours
*Crusade from 5 to 11 or...
*Discipleship and my desk shift for three hours
*Homework, Dinner somewhere in there, Sleep

Of course there are other meetings, programs, coffee dates with friends, and quiet times sprinkled through this too but that's the basic outline. (And that's not even the stuff I have on the weekend like bible study planning, bible study, apartment visits, and rounds.) I think of it as my 6 to 11 day instead of the normal 9 to 5. But it is working out for me... barely. I need a lot of Jesus and a lot of good music to get me through. It is almost the weekend though and I get a short time of sanity once again. =) Right now I am at work but I get to go sharing with Hannah and Laura after class today and I am really looking forward to it! =)


  1. just reading this is exhausting. but thanks for all the posts :) they made my day!

  2. I hope you know that I am going to weasel my way into your incredibly packed schedule once I get home. Watch out!