Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

God Provides

I got off my motorcycle and clipped my key to my helmet. I power walked to my apartment, took a shower, shoved an oreo brownie in my mouth, grabbed my worship folder and a jacket and then picked up my helmet. I double checked to see if my key was in my helmet but it was no where to be found anywhere in my room. So I walked to my bike and it wasn't on the ground either. So I called Laura and described it to her. Lo and behold she had seen my key on the ground on the way back from class and another girl had picked it up. Laura let her have it since she was going to take it to her CA (which is what I am so she could have brought it to me just as easy, if not easier). So I called my front desk, no key. I went to the other front desk, no key. So I implemented plan C and was about to text all of the CA's I knew when a girl walked in the door holding my key! I was so excited to have my little piece of metal back since I was already late to Crusade and didn't have any other way of getting there. I thanked her and ran to my motorcycle as I called Mike (the worship leader) to tell him I was running late. Now the reason I am telling you this... if Laura had picked up the key and brought it home for me to deal with I would have thought "sweet, that was lucky!" But since it was a more complicated process to get my key back I had to trust the Lord and got to see him work. He lead me to pray and rely on him and in turn thank him more by having the other girl pick up the key. God made me wait, he used those extra minutes to remind me that even in the little things, like a lost key, he is present and acting on my behalf. He still provided for me as he always does, he just brought me along in the process.


  1. to comment on the most superficial part of this great post, I made oreo brownies the other day!! everyone loved them, and I even gave you the credit :)