Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Perspectives are Interesting

So... Laura and I are besties. We live together, spend a TON of time together, read each other really well, and tell each other everything. We ride on my motorcycle together, shop together, go to dinner together, and laugh together. And that is totally fine... in the Christian community at least. Let me explain. Today Laura and I went to Templeton to go to lunch with my grandparent's and to meander around Target. When my grandpa saw the helmet we were using for Laura (it is incredibly unsafe) he took us to the Honda shop. He actually bought me a new helmet! And lunch! I love my grandpa and I couldn't thank him enough (Laura's head is especially grateful).

But the real story happens at the checkout counter with the guy ringing up the helmet. He had the gall to ask Laura and I what our relationship was! I said we were roommates, which was not enough to prove we love boys, so I also told him that we were NOT dating and that we really like guys. AWKWARD!!! But it gets weirder! He then asked Laura, "What if I told you I didn't beleive you? Would you go on a date with me to prove it?" Gross! Of course Laura had the best comeback ever for this. "No. At that point you can just believe what you want." =)

I wanted to tell him I LOVE JESUS! but I don't think that would have helped the situation. We laughed a little bit (you know the uncomfortable chuckle we all have), said something else that I can't remember, and then left. Laura, my Grandpa (luckily he is a strong Christian and understood), and I talked in the car about how when in a Christian community everyone knows that we are just friends. No one questions that we love the Lord (and guys) and that we are just close because we have Christ in our lives. We have gotten weird looks before but this took the cake!

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  1. This made me laugh really hard. I love you guys (in a strictly friendly way, of course)!