Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Would Jesus ride a skateboard?

I admit it is random but listen to this boarder's philosophy on life... it might teach you something.

(Paraphrased. I couldn't write his ideas down as he was talking.That would have seemed like an interview.)
"I hang out with young kids at the skate park all the time. We always help each other out and buy each other food. That's my church. We all hang out and do what we love, skating. Prayer for me is a constant thing. I get up in the morning and thank God for waking me up. I see him in the trees and nature around me and I thank him for those things. My skating is my prayer too. I try new tricks all the time and ask God to help me land them. If I had any doubt about landing I would never try and I would never land new tricks. You just have to go for it and have faith that you will be fine and that God will help you. If you doubt that God will get you through you won't ever try anything. Life's a game, play it! Get up or get run over is what we always say."

I was convicted. Here was Johnny sitting by campus market on his skateboard showing me what I was doing wrong. He didn't believe in Jesus as our Savior which made my heart ache for him but yet he knew God. And he did not have God in a box. As he explained his philosophy on God I was stunned by his faith. He saw God in everything and thanked God for everything. He even told us it was God who lead us to have that conversation! (Which is so true!) I need to start looking for God in everything because he IS in everything. I need to live a life of worship. A life in constant conversation with God. A life that leads me to step out in faith and try new things. I need to remember how big God is and that he will catch me when I try new tricks in his name. Tomorrow? Maybe a kickflip...




  2. bahaha amazing! That is so perfect it's ridiculous! =) Thank you for that... haha =D