Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas in November

My dad is coming today!!! And he comes bearing a really big present but let me explain how this came about first. I called my dad on Monday and the conversation was as follows:

Me: I got a shot today and I cried and Laura held my hand.
Dad: Why did you cry?
Me: I hate shots.
Dad: Oh got it. Guess what I am doing tomorrow?
Me: Going on a hike.
Dad: No.
Me: Riding dirt bikes.
Dad: Nope.
Me: Driving somewhere. (he often offers to drive people places so they don't have to go alone)
Dad: No. I am flying to Seattle to pick up your car.
Me: Uh... what?
Dad: Your Aunt Cheryl is giving you her old car since she bought a new one.
Me: [shocked silence] Wait, really? I...
Dad: She didn't want to deal with selling it and she wanted to give it to you. So you can sell your motorcycle and we will give her the money. She doesn't want anything for it but I think that would be a good idea.
Me: Oh my gosh! [realization hits] I am getting a car! That's amazing! What kind is it?
Dad: A Toyota Avalon. It is thirteen years old but it is in really good shape. She just got it detailed and there are no dents or scratches. I will be coming through SLO on Friday but I am going to take is home to fix something on the seat and one of the lights in the car. But you'll get it back at thanksgiving.
Me: I don't even know what do say... that's so cool! Thank you for going to get it! Uh... wow!
Dad: Yeah it is really nice of her.
Me: haha Yeah! I actually have class but that's crazy!
Dad: Ok bye. [he always hangs up abrubtly when I tell him I have to go which is a good thing since I have a bad habit of talking on and on]
Me: Love you bye! Thanks!
Dad: Love you too.

Well there you have it. I am getting a car, selling the motorcycle, and getting to hang out with my dad for a little while! I don't think it could get any better! Oh and Laura and I get to drive home for Christmas Break now... so fun!

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