Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, November 30, 2009

Death Week

Dead Week - a week in which teachers are not supposed to teach you anything new but instead review material to give students time to study; a week set aside for studying and no new assignments

FALSE. This week is more affectionately labeled Death Week by Cal Poly students. Laura likes to think of it as a constant state of stress. My week is as follows:
*15 page memoir (I have a sketchy rough draft done)
*15 page essay on a political speech
*10 page personal life philosophy paper (along with a bunch of other randomness)
*20 page research proposal (I have another sketchy rough draft for this one)
*study for two finals
I am putting off the life philosophy paper and one final till the weekend but until then there is a lot of writing ahead of me.

One thing I know I need to do is schedule quiet times daily this week. I will forget to take a breather with God, or put it off until it is too late, if I don't plug it in now. Without quiet times I won't make it without a meltdown this week and without God my words won't be worth reading. I have such great opportunities to share the Lord with my teachers in some of these papers and I don't want them to be written in my own strength. So time with Jesus where I can just be still and focus on him are vital to my walk this week and every week. I admit that it is unfortunate that I have to schedule one-on-one time with Jesus but I recommend it to those going into death week or for those who just have a busy life.

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