Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Last night Jon broke a drumstick during practice for Crusade. For all of you who don't know Jon is on the Campus Crusade worship team with me and just so happens to be my best guy friend. Anyway, him breaking his stick and handing it to Mike reminded me of Junior High. When the drummer at youth group (either Robert or Doug) would break a drumstick and throw it to the congregation (or hand it to some lucky girl afterwards) all the girls would get really exctied about it and try to secure the broken piece for themselves. Of course I, always being the cynical one, would roll my eyes and make a comment on how silly those "other" girls were while the the whole time I secretly wanted the drummer to give the broken stick to me. I really did think it was cool but I was way too "cool" myself to tell people that. Basically... I have no point in telling this story. =) I just thought it was a funny flashback. But you know what else? I have Jon's broken stick in my backpack from last night.

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