Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Emotional Sanity

Why are emotions so confusing? As kids we are taught the difference between happy, sad, and angry. But we are never told why we cry when we are really happy, how two emotions can happen at once, why we have emotions that complicate situations, and how emotions will confuse us more then we would like them to. Emotions are not really black and white in the way a kindergartner understands them and our emotions become more gray as we mature. We learn to control our emotions so much that many are afraid to show them at all and we often can't identify them. While controlling emotions such as anger is good we still need to be honest about where we are at. Life is not a picnic every day and it is ok to be vulnerable about our bad days. We all could use a little emotional honesty every once in a while. Sharing your conflicting emotions with someone might just be what you need to fix the confusion.

I don't know what sparked this blog but it started writing itself in my head so I thought I would just put it on here.

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