Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, November 7, 2009

When Dad Comes to Visit

It would not be a visit from my dad if there wasn't an epic adventure involved... anyone who has spent five minutes with him will be able to imagine this story:

There is a road that branches off at the the top of the Cuesta Grade that my dad and I drive when it is just the two of us (these drives have always happened at night for some reason). Tonight we decided to brave the road once again in my car. Now this road is sketchy. It is full of huge potholes and ravines that are interesting to navigate (we only bottomed out once this time though =) but it is always a great bonding experience and prolongs the time we spend together before I have to go home. Tonight the crazy drive up was uneventful but when we got out at the top (see horrible photo rendition of the view above) the wind was howling, it was freezing, and it was pretty much pitch black. So naturally we decided to hike up a steep dirt path to get a better veiw. And I mean steep! There were holes and hills all over it and the sand and loose rocks made it pretty slippery. Not to mention there was a cliff on one side. Don't worry though we were prepared with heavy jackets and my cell phone. We only had to bend in half to see the ground with my phone and my dad fell once (which was pretty funny). Huffing and stiff we made it to the top... so worth it!!! We could see the lights all the way from Pismo to Morro Bay and it was incredible! After figuring out where everything was I blinded us with my flash and we slipped back down the hill to the car... still hunched over with our noses practically touching the ground. I slipped once but the cell phone light kept us from falling off the cliff which was nice. It was hilarious and great being crazy with my dad. Sitting in my warm room with four walls around me is awesome but it was one of those random trips that I hope I will never take for granted.

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