Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, November 13, 2009

When It All Works Together

I cannot believe I forgot to write about a huge blessing I recently received! First let me say, God is SO SO SO Good!!! Second let me preface this blessing by saying I have NOT been trusting the Lord lately. I worry and fret and plan all by myself. But God has been working on that part of my control (the planning and scheduling part). I am always worrying about my packed schedule but when my schedule has openings I fill it with things "I" want to do anyway (which results in a constantly packed week). I add responsibilities and meetings without consulting Him. He wants to use me but I prevent him from giving me opportunities to be used by following my ideas of what should take up my time over his better ideas.

So blessings... I am an Advisor in the apartments on campus and I have two hour staff meetings every week. I also am on the worship team with Crusade which takes up five or so hours every Tuesday. This quarter my staff meetings are on Wednesdays so I can still go to Campus Crusade without conflict. Next quarter however there were a few meeting options our bosses were throwing around.
*Tuesday @ 6, 7, or 8 (all during my commitment to Crusade)
*Wednesday @ 6, 7, or 8 (very good times for me)

So I fretted, I worried, and I tried to come up with plans that would make Crusade and a Tuesday staff meeting possible. I didn't pray about it. I wasn't all that willing to believe God's plan was the best for me. Especially if his plans meant no Crusade. I didn't believe God knew what he was doing but through my lack of faith and lack of trust God did this:
*Tuesday (CRUSADE!!!)
*Wednesday (Staff Meeting @6 and Bible Study @8... I couldn't go to b-stud this quarter)

He doubly blessed me with my schedule! Double the fellowship, double the blessings. =) What can I say? We serve an Amazing God!

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