Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Canyon Hiking

Survival Guide When Hiking With My Dad:

1. You might be encouraged to crawl through tiny holes in boulders. Don't worry though. There is always a way out after getting wedged in.
2. You might have to slide down slick rocks that will result in a broken bone should you fall off. Make sure Dad is there to catch you when you gain speed and can't stop.
3. When bouldering up waterfalls make sure Dad can make it. Foot and hand holds that worked for you might not work for a grown man.
4. Be prepared to go farther then everyone else (along cliffs if need be) to try and see the Hoover Dam.
5. When he tells you to go the hard way up a rock face instead of around it... do it. It is way more exciting.
6. Be able to climb huge rocks. Have fun.

Take pictures too! =)
 The only one with both of our faces completely in it.

 Colorado River below the Dam. It was extremely low.
 This hike had a ton of hot springs, waterfalls and such.
 The new bridge over the Hoover Dam... and half of my face.
 Mi Padre.
The Crevice we climbed up... I had to be pulled a little bit. =)
(Aunt Pam and Cousin Scott)

 Scott and I.. and a waterfall.
Hot springs make some pretty crazy colored algae.

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