Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, December 21, 2009


When good things break we cringe and are saddened by a good thing made imperfect... Hearts. Cars. Family. Bones.

But when bad things break we rejoice... A Fever. A Bad Relationship. A Long Silence.

These things need to be broken. It is a desirable shattering of... Our Pride. Will. Control. Idols. Selves.

Only when we allow these things (these precious parts of ourselves) to be fractured can we be filled with good things, great things. Traits and qualities that should create a deep sadness in us when they become cracked and chipped. Passion. Love for God. Humility. Smallness.

These things should remain intact, whole. Because they are good we should weep when they are broken. We need to be ripped from our sin and control and be made humble by it. That is a good thing.

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