Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Monday, December 21, 2009

Heaven and Hell

My dad loves listening to Christian radio. You know, the kind where it is sermon after talk after cheesy worship song after sermon. So yesterday we listened to an interveiw of a Christian Chinese man, Pastor Paul, who had been thrown in jail where he was beaten and persecuted. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he witnessed to his cell mates (mostly murderers on death row) and other fellow prisoners. Many of them came to Christ and shared with other people. He has some incredible stories. He was released after a few years because there had been a mistake in the trial and he wasn't supposed to even be in prison in the first place. He had made such an impression on the guards however that they actually apologized for their mistake. In China! Anyway, he now leads around 1,000 people to Christ every year through his preaching and example as a believer. One thing he said (through a translator) really stuck out to my dad and me. He said....

Don't go to jail while you are living.
Don't go to Hell when you die.

It's that simple.

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