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Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It is good to be home?

Pedal. Think. Pedal. Think. Stop. Type. Pedal. Think. Pedal. Listen. Cringe. Pedal. Process. Pedal. Stop. Type.

This is how the majority of this post was written; in between navigating the soft dirt of the motorcycle track on my sister’s Kmart beach cruiser and watching my dad tear apart my car with power tools and metal cutters. Why am I aimlessly biking around and why is my dad ripping apart the metal on my car you ask? Read on...

I was nervous to drive all the way home yesterday. My last blog post is proof of that. But after driving for ten minutes it was no big deal. Jake (my old roommate’s brother and old friend) was an awesome co-pilot and we had a lot to talk about. We made awesome time getting to Ventura where we ate Taco Bell, bought some snacks at the gas station, complained about the cruddy Dr. Pepper quality at this TB, and bragged about how well everything was going. Continuing on to LA... We missed where we were going somehow and ended up on the 405 North (In other words, we were on the completely wrong exit). So I changed lanes to get off the freeway. Enter large moving truck thing. Enter car accident. I didn’t see it, Jake didn’t see it. But Bee (my car) felt it. My dad thinks it was their fault since they hit me in the back and continued to destroy the whole side of my car but no matter who’s fault it was (I was changing lanes so I am still at fault too) hitting this lovely “Paper Shredding Company” truck did nothing to help my car. It should be named a “Car Shredding Company.” It is now totaled in the legal sense of the word (in other words it will cost more to fix it, 7 grand, then it is worth). But my Dad has hope. He is in the garage tearing apart the doors to see if he can repair enough of the damage to make it drivable. Hopefully the doors I need are even available in a junkyard.

On the way home Jake and I decided that the glass was half full, or at least damp from the dishwasher.
Here is why:

1. The car did not swerve or waver in its course. Bee held strong and kept going strait so we were not in danger of hitting any other cars (even though the impact was mainly in the front of my car and should have caused us to spin).
2. When we pulled off at the next exit at a gas station it just happened to be an auto repair shop. We were able to get the ok to drive home from a mechanic. Plus, he was really nice.
3. I wasn’t alone. Jake was a huge comfort and he was very positive and calm throughout the whole thing. There is something about hugs that just make things better.
4. No one was injured.
5. When we pulled onto Jake’s street there was a huge shooting star (we thought it was plane at first). God has shown himself to me in that way before and it was an incredible reminder that He was watching over us.

1. The traffic report on the radio after that said a freeway was blocked because of a flipped over semi. That is way scarier.
2. I watched “The Blindside” with my sister last night. Talk about not having anything! If you see it, which I highly recommend, you will realize even more how much that movie can put my accident into perspective.
3. My mom told me on the phone, “It is just a car. It is just money. Just come home.” It was very good advice for me when I was bawling and still is good advice. There are more important things in life then my car.
4. My family and friends keep reassuring me that it is much more important that we are safe. Which is true.

1. I wouldn’t let Laura drive my car because I didn’t have collision insurance. Apparently I shouldn’t be driving either.
2. I was veeerrryyy excited to not have to drive a motorcycle anymore. Now it is looking pretty good sitting on the back porch.
3. Instead of being “Bee” for Boat or Beast my car is “Bee” for Battle Scarred (thank my dad for that name).

Now don't get me wrong. I am still very sad about the whole thing. One look from a mechanic my dad trusts and he said "no, not going to happen." I cried. I talked to my aunt Pam on the phone and she said, "Don't beat yourself up about it. You are safe." I cried. I talked to my friend Travis about it. I cried afterwards. I cried after talking to Laura too. I guess this is one material thing I am really attached to... and emotional about. =)


  1. so scary! I'm just glad you are okay, even if you are crying :)