Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kid Cousin

Why is it that boy's toys have tons of tiny pieces that are always "assembly required"? What happened to baby dolls and Barbies that were ready to play with right out of the package? (if you could get them out of all those twisty ties that is)

This dinosaur had over 40 pieces and it took forever to get him assembled (and then he was too top heavy to stand up correctly). My cousin would never have been able to do it on his own either because the pieces were super tight and not easy to pop together. The Alien Factory Nicholas got was a whole other story. This lovely toy let you create aliens out of teeny-tiny arms and legs. That was intense. Luckily I created the dinosaur and Kimberly tackled the aliens.

One thing I realized though... He is worth it. Seeing his eyes light up when he saw a completed alien and watching him figure out how to work the legs on the dinosaur was priceless. It reminded me that God did and does that for us. We celebrate Christmas because he sent his son, Jesus, to make our lives worth something. He took the little pieces, the details he created in us, and gave us a purpose. He works all the little arms and legs of our lives together for our good and his glory when we trust in him and follow him. It's incredible! I love being reminded of how everything  in my life fits together for God's glory if I let it. I have the opportunity to worship a patient, loving God who cares about the millions of pieces it took to create me and the million more events that happen in my life everyday.

 Waiting for the aliens.
Christmas Eve.

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