Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Ideas, Old Tradition

I have always been in love with books and I had a substantial bookmark collection in elementary school (I still have it but it hasn't grown much since then). So every Christmas, since I was old enough to draw, I have made bookmarks for all of my family members. But last year I forgot to make some and everybody noticed. That's just the way it is with traditions I guess. Well this year I couldn't think of a single thing to make... until last night. These are not bookmarks per-say but they could be if you wanted to stick them in between some pages. Basically, I am deviating from the tradition and crossing my fingers it will fly. (Unfortunately my Aunt already asked if I made bookmarks this year so I showed her these. She huffed. Not a good sign.)

They tell the story of Christmas (the Luke 2:1-20 part) and are an awesome reminder that there is a reason we celebrate Christmas, which I think is way better then a bookmark.

The original idea came from a Christian home decor magazine (think Martha Stewart + Jesus) but I Steph-a-phyd them with more ribbon and I put my favorite verses in a bigger font.
[to see the magazine click here:]


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