Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Life Resolutions

Instead of New Years Resolutions (which are destined to be forgotten) I realized I need life changes this year. I need to be proactive. For instance, I often say something or react in a certain way to a situation and then really wish I could go back in time. I say to myself, "stop doing that. Stop reacting in negativity and irritation," and I go on with my day. So the next time a similar situation comes around I react in the same exact way. I should go one step further and think, "If this is how I don't want to act then what would reacting well look like? What would a godly reaction look like?" This preventative thinking has actually helped me not snap at my family as much and it has kept me more positive in situations I normally would become angry about. It has also helped me evaluate what I want to change in my speech and in my actions and in turn make lifestyle changes that will last much longer then February. Here are some concepts God laid on my heart last night that I need to eradicate from my life:


These things are not healthy, not productive, and not helpful. They ruin and prevent healing for me and they create a barrier around me that prevents me from trusting God and loving people. They need to be taken away from me, stripped from my life (especially control). It scares me to admit God needs to take these things away from me. I hesitated to write it last night in my journal because when we ask things in God's will he will provide them. In other words, asking to have my control and my desire for people's approval away from me means that he will take them away. Especially since I could feel God leading me to admit I have no control over my life (I just have perceived control as my friend Kristin says). I need to be shown what it means to be humble and broken before the Lord. I want to be close to God and be living in his Holy Spirit. It might take force. It might come easily. But either way the challenge it presents is something I will have to be walking in the Lord for this year.

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