Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Share the Wealth

I think I am officially addicted to clothes that give back. Here are a few different things I have been supporting lately. These are only three ways to buy clothes that benefit someone else thought...there is a ton of stuff out there like this.

Krochet Kids Beanies
A group of guys got the idea to teach women in Uganda how to knit. So they did!The women also learn how to start and run a business through the making and selling of beanies (there are more styles to choose from). The money goes to help them support their families. Each beanie has a handwritten name, of the women who knit it, inside and the one I bought has a removable pom pom! =)

These necklaces are made from recycled paper turned beads (the paper is wrapped and coated). They are made by women of the Massai tribe and the money goes completely back into their community and families. There are a lot more products on the website beside jewelry too. You can even buy chickens for the Massai tribe in Africa.

I have definitely talked about these before. Buy one pair and one pair is given to a child in need.This is the new style with optional laces. Thanks Santa!

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