Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, January 22, 2010

After College

- Yesterday I started an application for interning for Campus Crusade.
- Yesterday I talked to my sister about going to Haiti.
- Yesterday I saw a group of Jr. Highers at the bowling ally on campus and I wanted to hang out with them really badly.
- Today my heart melted when I waved at a boy with the Friday Club (a group with the kinesiology dept on campus that does a game day with kids with disabilities every Friday) and he smiled and waved back. 

How can my heart be pulled in so many different directions? I have no idea where God wants me to go but I graduate in a year (or less then a year) and really wish I had direction. I have not been praying about it enough though. I think, "God will show me where he wants me," but I don't really take it before him and seek his will. I guess that is my new challenge for the quarter. I feel like he is going to surprise me.

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