Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Friday, January 15, 2010

More Prayer Things

I feel like I have been in prayer a lot lately but I rarely feel like I have words to express anything. Which is ok, God knows my heart better then I do. But I would like to extend my prayer requests to you.

Haiti - I talked a little about this before. Knowledge of the situation continues to reveal more devastation.

Janey - My dear, sweet friend Janey lost her sister suddenly about 6 weeks ago. She rushed home yesterday to be with her grandpa who most likely won't make it through the weekend due to lung cancer. She has the Lord and is relying greatly on His strength but she has a lot to process and could use peace in this time. If you think of her please pray for her heart and her family.

Dallas - This is very recent, as of a few minutes ago. My friend Chelsea has babysat a little boy since he was born and today he got burned in the bathtub. I don't have many details right now but he is in the hospital having surgery right now. Prayer for the recovery process would be great since he is so little. Prayer for the doctor's wisdom, the family, Dallas, and Chelsea would also be great.

Also, I realise I give suggestions on how to pray and what to pray for a lot. But by no means does that mean you have to pray for things in that way. I am just trying to give context and details to the request. Prayer for God's will to be done in every situation is always appreciated.

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