Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti + Crusade

Two questions I have tonight:

1. How do you express your heart to someone?
Especially when I don't even know how I feel. My heart is hurting. But that doesn't seem to describe it at all. I am not angry, I am just sad. But that sadness is so deep and big. And it hurts all the more because Satan has such a hold in the country of Haiti. The vast majority of the people who died this past week did not know the Lord and are now not living with God. So tonight I found my heart asking God, "Where is the hope in that? Where Lord? Because I don't get it!" And he responded in a way that only he can, "My heart is hurting too. It is breaking for these people that you love. Because I love them too, infinitely more then you do. I am sovereign. I am God. I see your sadness and I have a plan for both that sadness and these people." There is so much hope in that and I can't even comprehend all of it. He has a plan for Haiti, for the people, for me. And it is great, mighty, and powerful. I have hope. I just need to cling to it.

2. In light of that how do you deal with hurt in a healthy way?
Prayer and I'll let you know more as I figure that out. I am working on giving Haiti and my love for it to the Lord but that's where it gets hard. Really hard. For now I am praying, crying out to the Lord. And he hears me and is responding with peace and comfort. There is hope in this.

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