Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, January 16, 2010


When I do the dishes I can think, "I am so sick of cleaning this apartment. Why is it always so dirty?" Or I can think, "Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve my roommates. Thank you for providing the dishes, the floor, and this apartment that I get the opportunity to take care of."

Today I grumbled to myself. And I didn't enjoy a single moment of the cleaning that is usually relaxing for me. I have a clean apartment now but at what cost? The loss of precious moments that could have been spent praying. An hour gone that could have been spent loving my roommates.

I'm learning that following the Lord means integrating Him into everything I do and making Him a part of every second of my day. He is with me and can be my focus when I do the dishes, vacuum the floor, and organize the cupboards. The train of thought I choose to run with makes all the difference. I can choose a thankful, worshipful dish washing experience or pity party hosting, bitter thoughts.

It's interesting what God teaches me when I'm taking out the trash. I need to throw away more then just physical trash, I need to clean out my heart and throw away everything that is not centered on Him. And He is more then willing to help with that process. =)

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