Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It has been a very rollercoastery couple days. One minute I am super excited because I successfully turned my flare jeans into skinny jeans (thank you sewing machine) and the next I am crying because I heard some new turn of events in Haiti. I am happy that I could wear my rain boots this morning but the lows hit me at weird moments. In class, I dazed out for ten minutes trying to grapple with the weight of what happened yesterday and when I was trying to sleep last night I kept thinking about my friends and my people. I want to be there, in Haiti, to help them in a tangible way but I am also trying to figure out what help looks like from SLO.

My answer: Prayer. Until I can figure out a physical way to help prayer is huge for the Haitian people and the country. Prayer for our leaders that we can be effective in reaching Haiti, prayer for the workers on the front lines, prayer for those who have lost loved ones, prayer for the people who are hurt, prayer that resources will find their way to the people who have none right now. And prayer that God can show up in this situation. Haiti so desperately needs Him.

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