Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home For 1.5 Days

I forget how much I love my family till I am home... A few things I have loved so far this weekend:

1. Walking into my room to see a quilt laying on my bed (that I was informed was not for sleeping under... quite understandable) that was made from over 7,600 pieces of fabric. My mom is so cool! The blog for her quilt store is here if you want to see other things she does. The quilt will be up Monday on the blog for the store's third year anniversary. My mom's natural habitat at home:
2. Getting to see my dog Kody (short for Kodiak Bear... our last dog was Grizzly Bear, it's a theme) hates the flash in her eyes so even if you turn it off she won't look at you if you have a camera. I managed to sneak these pictures:
3. Watching a movie with these weirdos and seeing all of Danny and Amanda's b-e-a-utiful faces! =)
4. Eating dinner with my mom in her sewing room (the one in the picture above) while watching updates on the earthquake in Chile, which is insane =(, and the Olympics.
5. Sleeping in my bed. That mattress is heaven.
6. Effectively wrestling Kimbo (who is taller and stronger) and winning-ish.
7. Sitting in the toasty living room admiring the backyard and the pouring rain.
8. Not doing anything. =)

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