Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Poor Finger

I stapled my finger today and boy was that gross to pull back out! It wouldn't have been as bad if I had just poked my finger but to pull the staple back out of my skin was nasty. It reminded me (why weird things remind of so much I don't know) that the things we need to do, the things that are good for us, are not always the easy choices to make. Worth it, yes, but not easy.

Let me take this further, if I may... You staple your finger. Do you leave the staple in and just put a band aid on it? No, you remove the staple and then take care of the problem. Covering up the wound, without removing the cause of the wound, solves nothing. It only increases the pain until you have to take out the staple anyway. By that point infection will have taken over and the process will be more painful then it would have been if you had dealt with the staple when it first got stuck in your finger. The same goes for our sin. If we cover it up it will grow and fester and become hazardous to us and to other people. For me this means looking at myself and identifying those staples and wounds in myself and removing them. It is crazy painful to look at that stuff. It is hard to see that I am not the best listener, that I lack compassion with my closest friends, and that I am prideful about the blessings in my life. It's even harder to be willing to work on those things. I am so comfortable in being self-centered.

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